Sunday, December 14, 2014

Prosciutto-Avocado breakfast sangwiches

I don't know what it is, but I sure do love me some avocado lately. After a productive morning, I decided to make myself a "cross cultural" breakfast sandwich with the last 2 farm-fresh local eggs I had in the fridge.  Quick inventory of my "fixin's" revealed a few slices of fresh proscuitto, some shredded mozzarella, my last tablespoon of Parmigiano Reggiano, and half an avocado... oh yeah, I can taste this comin'...

So, I made this with Pepperidge Farms thin sliced Oatmeal bread, but whatever you like will do.  I'm a bread-a-holic truth be told, and I usually like the bread to be well-represented in my sandwiches.  But here, I liked the way the mild tastiness of the Oatmeal bread and it's thin slices really took a backseat to the salty prosciutto and parmigiano, and also the smooth flavors of the avocado and mozzarella.  To do this, is simple:


  1. Slice the avocado to as thick as you want it, I like ~ 1/4" thick.
  2. Fry the egg(s) near your liking in a little olive oil.
  3. Cook them almost, not all the way, and flip earlier than you usually would too.
  4. Top the egg(s) with the mozzarella and parmigiano, in the pan.
  5. Immediately the egg & cheese to a plate, add salt & pepper, and cover with a lid.
  6. The egg will continue to cook slowly, and the cheese will melt under the lid.
  7. You better have the coffee on by now, I'm assuming I don't have to tell you that part?
  8. Prepare the sandwich by now adding a little butter to the pan, and your bread.
  9. Place the prosciutto and avocado on top of the bread and adjust heat as necessary.
  10. Lift the lid on the egg(s) - oh, would you just LOOK at that, yum!!
  11. Place the egg on the bread, and top with another slice.
  12. Proceed like grilled cheese, flipping when your bottom slice of bread is golden,
  13. DON'T press down - you have golden yokie goodness to look forward to!
  14. Flip gently and brown the other side, adding a pat of butter if needed,
  15. M'adonne that smells amazing by now, huh ?!
  16. When it's done - give it a light press with your spatula and pop the yolk(s)...
  17. NOW QUICK - get it out of the pan, and onto the plate, and slice it open.
Now have a look at that - there should be perfect, golden yolk all over your plate, glistening over warm prosciutto, melted mozzarella, soft smooth avocado, all accentuated by classic parmigiano reggiano!  (Next time I'll be adding a slice of ripe tomato, by the way!)

Mangia bĂȘne, and always remember - to know good food is to be close to God!

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