Friday, January 30, 2015

Week #3 brings us Salice Salentino Riserva, 2010 by Cantele

It's nice to get 2 in a row!  I liked this from the cork.  I find it to be very "Italianate," if I may say so?  I taste the Negroamaro grape along with clove and tobacco undertones, accompanied by a rich, and ripe plum flavor as well.  I find the balance to be excellent - gracing my pallet lightly to start, but finishing long, showcasing it's well cultivated tannins and acidity, bringing even a little vanilla and light cream to my tongue.  For all this flavor, it retains a light, clean, and crisp nature that I liked, and enjoyed with every sip.

I find it to be a very versatile wine, I'd pair it with lamb, veal, duck and even some seafood, specifically a chilean sea bass in a solid and flavorful preparation.  To me, the Salice Salentino quickly reveals it's Italian heritage, of young love out for a picnic, rewarded with a warm day on a hillside overlooking the ocean far below them, one laying upon the other, sharing a day neither will forget.  I'll bring the Salice on such a picnic, the next time I am fortunate enough to plan one.  Ah, salut.

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